Sculpture Garden in Austin, Texas

Hello and welcome to the garden! It’s a central Texas cottage garden / sculpture garden, filled with plants that do well in our unique crossroads climate, provided they are given conditions that allow them to weather both occasional freezing and our long hot summers. With our love of plants, cottage gardeners bring together many different colors, textures, shapes and sizes. The idea is to create a rich landscape that is pleasing to the eye with a natural look. It can be quite the sculptural activity, and often is done best when we are least aware of the hand of the artist. There is a special beauty in having art and architectural elements together with growing things in the garden. The contrast of forms seems to give the fullest expression to both nature’s and man’s efforts. From pansies to sweet peas, daylilies to zinnias, when the blooms are bright and colorful they bring a smile of appreciation and enjoyment to my face. Garden sculptures are like that too.

Austin Texas Ellison Sculpture Garden, Cottage Garden

Our Sculpture Garden

In making garden sculptures, I like to work in the zone where folk art and fine art and yard art share some space. After a career in engineering and building things where form follows function, I am enjoying art where form is free to express itself, sometimes with a nod to function and purpose, sometimes not. I like working with the parts and pieces of man’s contraptions once their initial work is done. All kinds of interesting utilitarian objects fashioned by man speak to me about creating new expression and new life in art. It’s fun to see what they become. There is opportunity for art appreciation in all the layers; the original stories, the new entities, the transmutations, and the ecology of sculpture and setting in the garden. I like having sculpture in the garden, where each week is a fresh grown perspective for viewing the new “things” and the new scene. We may entertain the wondrous and beautiful interplay between nature’s organic forms and the sculpted forms born of man’s hands. And, we can experience the sculpture garden in the fullest way as metaphor for life.

I hope you enjoy your time here in this virtual sculpture garden.
Come back soon; who knows what will be blooming!

My art is available for purchase, generally with local pickup/delivery, or shipping by special arrangement. Please see the Contact and Details sections of the garden site.

Tom Ellison
Spring 2014

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